Human-Centred Design

“What does success look like?” Seminar Series


Over the last five years, we are seeing increasing emphasis placed on programs, projects and policies developed using human-centred design, design thinking and co-design. Design practitioners typically draw on similar skills to evaluators and regularly apply evaluative thinking in their work.

Given that, what role will there be for evaluators in such contexts in the future? What competencies and skills do evaluators require and what does this mean for those early in their evaluation career? What does it mean for those contemplating a career in these evolving disciplines?

Matt Healey is an evaluation consultant and Co-Founder of First Person Consulting, a social research firm based in Melbourne. Matt undertakes program design and research projects across environmental and social justice contexts and draws on a range of approaches to deliver meaningful outcomes.

The “What does success look like?” Seminar Series, sponsored by Master of International Development in the RMIT School of Global, Urban & Social Studies, aims to provide insight and guidance on how to adapt practice in this rapidly changing world of big data, collective impact, human centred design and digital disruption.

The seminars set out to explore critical questions of those involved in monitoring and evaluation; to develop precision about which questions must be asked: how do we get to the core of what matters in methods used?; and for whom, and with what expectations?, including what competencies are needed to do this?; and which conversations with whom matter?


June 12
Emerging challenges for evaluation in international development



Council Chambers

Building 1, RMIT University, City Campus

124 La Trobe Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000


15 May 2019