This seminar will present the results of a research project undertaken by RMIT students for their course "Ethics & Professional issues".

Students had to attend court and tribunal hearings throughout the semester and analyse the ethical dilemmas and professional issues that arise in such settings. By applying the demand-control schema and their knowledge of the code of ethics, as well as their knowledge on theories related to professionalism and ethics in translation & interpreting, students had to write a report for each of the cases they observed. This presentation is the compilation of the results presented by the whole class in their reports. Assignments like the aforementioned are based on the social constructivist approach to translation education, where the engagement of students, motivation and exposure to the challenges they will face as real professionals are paramount.

Simone Aliano is a recent graduate of RMIT’s Translation and Interpreting Master’s course. Having completed previous degrees in International Studies and Spanish, she has a passion for all things language related and has a particular interest in ethics. Simone speaks four languages including English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese – with NAATI Professional certification in the English and Spanish language pairing.

Luisa Conte is currently completing her Masters Degree of Translation & Interpreting at RMIT. Her background in the field of physics has provided her with a strong foundation in her analytical approach within the study of ethics in Translation and Interpreting. Luisa is originally from Italy, and has NAATI professional certification in the English and Italian language pairing.


Room 18

Level 3

Building 37

RMIT City Campus

411 Swanston Street



24 July 2018