“So, I’m paid more by my experience than my salary. That’s ok.”

This presentation draws from PhD research which examines the career trajectories of aged care and childcare workers who migrated to Australia with their partners or other family members, with post-school qualifications and an employment history unrelated to paid carework. Through the analysis of in-depth interviews with mainly women workers, I examine the institutional influences on their careers including migration pathways, interactions with settlement and employment services, and the structure of the aged care and childcare industry and workplace. In this presentation I focus on participants experiences at work. How do aged care and childcare workplaces shape current and future career prospects of migrant workers?  I discuss the ways gender and ethnicity are built into workplace structures and hierarchies, into employment conditions and opportunities for promotion, and into the duties and expectations of migrant workers.

Presented by Monica O’Dwyer who is a doctoral student at RMIT University in the final stage of her candidature.

Over the last decade, Monica has worked for Victorian government agencies, including AMES Australia, one of largest settlement agencies, in research and policy roles. She has co-authored publications on the employment experiences of new migrants in Australia and presented her work at academic forums in Australia and overseas. Currently, she works as a Research Associate at La Trobe University and RMIT University, where her research focuses on gender and employment. Recent publications include O’Dwyer, M & Mulder, S, 2015 Finding Satisfying Work: The Experiences of Recent Migrants with Low Level English, AMES Australia, Melbourne; O’Dwyer, M. & V. Colic-Peisker, 2016 ‘Facilitating professional transition of immigrants in Australia: does gender matter’, Australian Journal of Social Issues 51(1) 47-66; Onsando, G, Shamshad, R, Mulder, S, & O’Dwyer, M, 2017 Vocational Training for New Migrants: A Pathway into Carework, AMES Australia, Melbourne. See www.ames.net.au


Building 37
Level 2
Room 3 (next to the School of GUSS reception)
RMIT City Campus
Melbourne VIC 3000


31 August 2018