A Language & Culture Seminar Series (LACSS) Event.

Quality doctoral education entails genuine engagement with diverse candidates and communities. To develop transcultural doctoral education pedagogies that engage Southern, Eastern and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander epistemologies, research supervisors and candidates need to locate time, place and cultural knowledges at the centre of their work together.  This involves the careful and sensitive navigation of contested notions of history, geography and epistemology. This research project draws upon postcolonial/decolonial theories to explore how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, migrant, refugee and international candidates can incorporate their rich cultural-linguistic and epistemological histories into their creation of new knowledge.

This paper reports on the preliminary findings of a pilot study across three Australian universities. The study consisted of interviews with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Western doctoral candidates and their supervisors, and their construction of a time map that visually depict the macro and micro histories and geographies they bring to their studies or to supervision. Data analysis highlight research supervision as a transcultural and dialogical process of knowledge co-construction that builds upon multiple categories of histories. Analysis of interviews and time maps show how these research candidates’ cultural-linguistic and epistemological histories influence their creation of knowledge.

Presenter: Dr Jing Qi

Dr Jing Qi draws together research experience in multilingual, sociological, cultural and technological studies to bring an innovative perspective to educational research. She has worked for fifteen years in universities in Australia and China, designing and delivering teaching in the disciplinary areas of education and languages. Jing has published in areas including transnational education, teacher education, education equality, language education, and doctoral education. Currently Jing is working with colleagues on a research project to develop transcultural research supervision pedagogies, which position doctoral research candidates as intellectual agents of transcultural and multilingual knowledge co-construction. She currently works as part of Global and Language Studies at RMIT University.


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23 October 2018