Dr Anastasia Powell presents on a new framework for crime and justice in digital society

Dr Anastasia Powell who is one of the Lead Researcher’s in the Gendered Violence & Inequality Research Program and also works across the Law, Justice and Social Policy Research Program, recently participated in a meeting of the International Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Cybercrime (IIRCC). The consortium was held at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Onati, Spain.

Dr Powell presented on two core themes of her research, drawing on her collaborations with colleagues at RMIT University, including Drs Nicola Henry, Gregory Stratton and Robin Cameron. Dr Powell discussed the development of her 7-year program of research into technology facilitated sexual violence, including her latest Criminology Research Council grant with Dr Nicola Henry and Asher Flynn into ‘Image-Based Abuse‘. Then she presented a newly emerging framework for examining crime and justice in digital society – a “digital criminology”. In particular, Dr Powell spoke about the need for criminological research to further engage with social media, and with citizen participation in crime and justice issues. She discussed her forthcoming article, now published in Crime, Media, Culture: “Following #JillMeagher: Collective meaning-making in response to crime events via social media“.

Over the course of the two day meeting, cybercrime scholars from across the US, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Spain shared their unique insights into the prevalence of cybercrime, online illicit networks, interviewing cybercrime victims, and analysing social media data.

Participants discussed the value of existing theories of crime and victimisation to account for cybercrimes, and the need for a future research agenda that incorporated interdisciplinary approaches to cybercrime scholarship.

They also discussed ways that the research consortium can continue to grow, and draw in members from the technical sciences to help shape the agenda of the group moving forward.

If you are interested in getting involved, future meetings of IIRCC are planned at the European Society of Criminology Conference in Cardiff, September 2017 and the American Society of Criminology Conference in Philadelphia, November 2017.

The consortium was organised by Professor Thomas Holt at Michigan State University and Professor Scott Decker at Arizona State University and ran over June 15 – June 16 2017.

You can follow Dr Powell on Twitter for real-time updates on her work at @Dr_AnastasiaP

Story: Brigitte Lewis