Dr Alexis Bergantz

Dr Alexis Bergantz is Lecturer in Global & Language Studies.

Alexis’ research is broadly concerned with questions of cultural and physical mobility and Franco-Australian connections in the Pacific. He is currently writing a book on the cultural history of the idea of Frenchness, or French culture, in Australia in the late nineteenth century and its impact on the formation of Australian and migrant identities. In a second project he is expanding on this research by examining the cultural and political connections between Australia and France’s colony of New Caledonia during the French era of penal colonization. Underpinning these two major projects is a concern about the changing nature of a world order increasingly focused on controlling movement and defining subjecthood along fixed categories of identity.

Alexis is the Early Career Program Leader of the Language, Culture and Discourse program of the Social and Global Studies Centre at RMIT and a member of the Migration, Mobility and Social Diversity program. He also sits on the Committee of the Institute for the Study of French Australian Relations and its journal, the French Australian Review.

Prior to joining RMIT, Alexis taught courses in Global History, French Language & Culture and historiography at the University of Technology Sydney and the Australian National University. He received his PhD in 2016 from the School of History at the ANU for which he was awarded the John Molony Prize in History, and was shortlisted for the Serle Award by the Australian Historical Association.

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