Amina Shazhadi

Amina is a PhD Candidate in Language, Culture and Discourse.

A Study of Language Teachers’ Classroom Assessment and Feedback Practices in English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Classes at Graduate level in Pakistani Universities

Language assessment is one of the important elements of the second language teaching process.  The National Professional Standards (2009) for teachers and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) emphasizes on using quality assessment practices for effective teaching process. One of the aims of English Language Teaching Reforms project launched by HEC in 2004 is to train the English teachers in the field of on-going i.e. continuous assessments by developing their skills in designing and conducting new assessment strategies. However there is very little research on language assessment; especially classroom or formative assessment in a Pakistani ESL context and there is a need for a research “that simply describes educators actually doing language assessment as well as critical analysis of the principles and variables these practices entail” (Cumming, 2004:7). Therefore, this study aims to fill the research gap by exploring English language teachers’ classroom or formative assessment practices at the graduate level in Pakistan.

This study aims to find answers to following research questions:

What are the different formative assessment practices of language teachers in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes at the graduate level at University of Education Lahore, Pakistan?

Moreover, following subsidiary research questions will help to further explore the formative assessment practices of English language teachers in Pakistan at the university level.

  1. Do language teachers integrate the feedback provided to enhance the English language skills of students? If yes, How?
  2. How effective are the formative assessment practices of English language teachers in terms of students’ uptake (reaction)?
  3. What are teachers’ and learners’ views on various language assessment strategies (Self-, peer-, teacher- assessment) in ESL classroom?
  4. Do the English Language teaching qualifications of English Language teachers e.g. TESOL/Dip. TEFL play any role in their use of language assessment strategies?

Supervisors: Dr Ana Maria Ducasse and Dr Chantal Crozet

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Applied Linguistics, Language Assessment, Discourse Analysis