Anumoni Joshi

A PhD candidate and Research Assistant with York University, Anumoni Joshi's research is a comparative analysis of government policies in three international higher education destination countries.

Anumoni Joshi is a PhD candidate and a Research Assistant with York University. She is an emerging researcher with a focus on the international tertiary education sector and policies. She has hands-on experience in international education, migration and international student mobility in Australia and extensive international exposure in corporate legal matters. Anumoni recently co-presented research findings at the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC 2018) on ‘Stakeholder Perception of Post-Study Work Rights Policy’, and was selected by the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) for the Three-Minutes Thesis (3MT) presentation at Research Round Table, AIEC 2018.

Anumoni’s research focuses on post-study work rights policies for international students in the three higher education destination countries Australia, Canada and Germany. The research analyses the government policies in the three countries.

Cross-border education is a transformative and critical aspect of tertiary education systems worldwide. Policies in the destination countries exert a powerful influence on deciding international student study destinations. In particular, the work rights of post-study visas are a significant determinant of the competitiveness of destination countries in the global education market. Anumoni’s research compares the post-study work policies of three major tertiary education destination countries – Australia, Canada and Germany – focusing on perceptions of their effectiveness. By comparing and contrasting policies in these three countries, the research examines the ways in which destination countries manage international student mobility after graduation. The research aims to examine how these countries are responding to the growing trend in international students transitioning to post-study work visas. While contributing to a deeper understanding of the relationship between government policies and the causes for international policy convergence, Joshi’s research will also produce new understandings of the opportunities and challenges these governments face with respect to international students and post-study work rights.