Associate Professor Ahmed Bawa Kuyini Abubakar

Bawa's research interests include disability, special needs/inclusivity and migration.

Bawa Kuyini is a Associate Professor of Social Work and Manager of the Master of Social Work Program. He is a professional social worker and also a professional teacher. Having completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne, he was engaged as full-time faculty at the University of New England, Australia from 2008. He joined RMIT in June 2018. He previously practised social work in Norway and Australia. His research focuses on Disability, Special Needs and Inclusivity (Educational & Social), Migration & Refugees, and Social Work Education. His has published in education and social work journals on inclusive education, disability & rehabilitation, refugees & migration.

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Quantitative & Qualitiative approaches to research on Disability, Special Needs/inlclusive Education, Refugees & Migration