Associate Professor Bawa Kuyini

Bawa's research interests include disability, special needs/inclusivity and migration.

Bawa Kuyini is Associate Professor of Social Work and Manager of the Master of Social Work Program. He is a professional social worker and also a professional teacher. Having completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne, he was engaged as full-time faculty at the University of New England, Australia in 2008. He joined RMIT in June 2018. His research focuses on Disability, Special Needs and Inclusion (Educational & Social), Migration & Refugees, and Social Work Education. He has published in education and social work journals on inclusive education, disability & rehabilitation, refugees & migration.

Current research focuses on enhancing the link between school and community for refugee young people.

Expert commentary on...

Quantitative & Qualitiative approaches to research on Disability, Special Needs/inlclusive Education, Refugees & Migration