Associate Professor Paul Battersby

Associate Dean, Global and Language Studies, in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

Associate Professor Paul Battersby’s research and writing reflects the intellectual diversity of Global Studies at RMIT. He maintains an active interest in the history of Australia-Southeast Asia business and diplomatic relations but his principal area of scholarship currently addresses contemporary issues of global security, humanitarianism, international development, and transnational crime. His most recent work explores complex patterns of globalization and presents a new framework for investigating global crime.

He teaches in the areas of global risk and global governance, security, global crime, Asian business practices, international development and international law. He is the author of, The Unlawful Society: Global Crime and Security in a Complex World (Palgrave, 2014), To the Islands: White Australians and the Malay Archipelago since 1788 (Lexington Books, 2007), Crime Wars: The Global Intersection of Crime, Political Violence and International Law (Praeger, 2011, with Joseph Siracusa and Sasho Ripiloski), and Globalization and Human Security (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009, with Joseph Siracusa). He is co-editor of the two-volume SAGE Handbook of Globalization (SAGE, 2014, with Manfred Steger and Josph Siracusa) and International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice (SAGE 2017, with Ravi Roy). He is also a contributing editor to the Global Encycolpedia of Public Administration and Governance (Springer 2018, Ali Farazmand ed.).

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