Binh Pham

Binh's focus is on international education, an area which has become increasingly important in the era of globalisation, contributing significantly to socio-economic development.

Since 2015, Binh’s research focus has been on the impact of international education on local capacity building, organisational effectiveness and individual career development. His research project is implemented in the two provinces of the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam, and is based on theories of human capital (Becker 1964), organisational effectiveness (Yuchtman & Seashore 1967), and career development (Holland 1985). Binh wants to explore the contributions and perspectives repatriates have to the community and themselves after graduation. This is a popular trend with many scholarship programs who are evaluating the values they have contributed to capacity building and the effectiveness of organisations.

Binh was the Deputy Director of the International Relations Department of Can Tho University, Viet Nam, where he planned and organised sending people for external postgraduate and doctorate training. He maintained fruitful relationships with various institutions and diplomatic organisations regarding international education and it’s application to government budget.

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International Education; Human Resources Development.