Dr Chantal Crozet

Dr Chantal Crozet is the Coordinator of French Studies and Intercultural Communication.

Research interests

  • Intercultural language teaching
  • Teaching verbal interaction and culture
  • Religion(s), secularism and gender issues in contemporary France
  • French popular songs as historical, societal and cultural discourse
  • Discourse analysis

Grants and awards

2009 – Vice Chancellor Award for Community Outreach for convening the ANU Languages Ball 2006 – $40,000 grant from the University of South Australia, working as a consultant on a national project on Intercultural Teaching and Learning in Practice (ILTLP) funded by DEEWR 1998 – $14,000 from Small ARC grant with Dr. A.J Liddicoat for a project on emblematic gestures and proxemics in French conversation 1996 – $17,000 from Small ARC grant jointly with Dr. A.J Liddicoat project on the teaching of oral interaction in French 1996 – $5000 ANU grant for the development of career opportunities for women, for the collection of data on French conversation (in France) and attendance to the 5th Congress of Pragmatics in Mexico city in July 19961996 – ANU CEDAM grant with 3 IT experts from the MILL, for a multi-media pilot project on the production of a CR-ROM: ‘Converser en français’ for the teaching of French pragmatic norms in spoken language.


2005: PhD thesis (ANU), Language teachers & the teaching of culture: Insights into the interface between theoretical discourses, context and practice based on an Australian case study 1997: MPhil thesis (ANU), Teaching Verbal Interaction and Culture

Research supervision

PhD & MA 2011–2013:ANU, main supervisor of Mochamad Subhan Zein’s PhD thesis on English Language Education Policy in Indonesia. Award granted.2008–2013: ANU, main supervisor of Emily Fong’s PhD thesis on English in China: language, identity and culture. Award granted.2007: ANU, main supervisor of Emily Fong’s MA thesis Hong Konger or Chinese? Pre and Post-97 Hong Kong cinema. Award granted.2005–2006: ANU, main supervisor of Lauren Gorfinkel’s Master thesis Developing Cultural Worldliness in English Language Teaching in China: Foreign, Motherland and Yunnan Discourses. Faculty of Asian Studies, ANU. Award granted.

French Honours 2012: ANU, supervisor of Geneviève Richards’ French Honours thesis on Les femmes françaises et l’Islam en France (French women and Islam in France). Award granted.2012: ANU, supervisor of Sarah Batts’ French Honours thesis on Lediscours médiatique en France. Award granted.2011: ANU, supervisor of Tom Yang’s French Honours thesis «France, ton image fout le camp » : Tensions sociales entre Français et Maghrébins et problématique identitaire dans l’Hexagone’. Award granted.

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