Dr Chloe Patton

Chloe's research centres on Islamophobia in the West.

Spanning the disciplines of Sociology, Anthropology, Human Geography and Visual Studies, Dr Chloe Patton’s research explores the management of twenty-first century multiculture in the west, particularly the ways in which cultural diversity has come to be problematised through the ‘Muslim question.’ She is especially interested in the ways Muslim minority subjects are visualised in academic, policy and popular discourse, and the political strategies this engenders. To date, this his has resulted in projects on the discourse on forced marriage in Australia, veiling practices in France, and state counter-terrorism programs targeting young people. A visual ethnographer by training, visuality is a strong theme across Chloe’s work, both in terms of the politics of visual representation of Muslim minority populations and the visual ordering of modern social life.

Her PhD which she completed at RMIT in 2009, resulted in an exhibition at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Photography. It examined vernacular narratives of multicultural belonging through a visual ethnographic study of photographic self-portraits produced by young Australian Muslims. A frequent contributor to public debate on Islamophobia, Chloe has written for The Conversation, the ABC, SBS, New Matilda, Independent Australia, Open Democracy and Mondoweiss. She has also contributed expert commentary to stories for Media Watch, ABC Radio, Fairfax Media, BBC Radio and many other media outlets. Chloe has previously held Research Fellow positions at the Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations in London and the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia.

Expert commentary on...

Islamophobia, racism, forced marriage, Islamic veiling.