Dr Cirila (Lilac) Pastora Limpangog

Lilac specialises in women's rights and gender equality in the workplace and the household.

Lilac researches on the mothering and professional identities of skilled Filipino migrant women. Her works have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Gender, Place & Culture; Journal of Workplace Rights; Kritika Kultura; and the Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies, as well as included in books.

Lilac’s recent Endeavour Fellowship focuses on expanding a set of gender audit tools to make these more socially inclusive of LGBTQI, people with disability, solo parents, and older employees. The tools were pilot-tested among business process outsourcing companies in the Philippines working for Australian and other transnational companies from the Global North. She is at the exploratory stage of looking at the intentional community as site of sustainable living and affordable housing.

Lilac teaches courses in global studies, such as International Perspective on Community Development; Learning and Participation; and International NGOs, Civil Society and Development; and Global Mobility and Ethnic Relations.

Lilac is also a development practitioner who has worked in the Philippines and Australia in the areas of women’s rights, children’s rights, sustainable development and good governance. Recently she was the GenderWise Program Manager in the International Women’s Development Agency. She has advised, developed and facilitated training sessions, or undertaken research for several organisations including International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific, Australian Red Cross, Act for Peace, Transform Aid International, and Uniting Care Connections.

Expert commentary on...

Women's Rights, Gender Equality, Workplace Discrimination, Work-Life Balance, Social Inclusion, Diversity, Multiculturalism.