Damian Grenfell is a Senior Research Fellow.

The common basis for Damian’s research is an interest in social change and transformation in the context of conflict, resistance and resolution. His research currently focuses on social change and post-conflict nation- and state-formation. There are two points of interest in the research, the first being the military and humanitarian interventions into societies, and the second the subsequent attempt at development, peace and state-building. Of particular interest are societies where large-scale interventions have occurred, especially in the wake of significant violence, and in turn how local politico-cultural domains sit in complex relation to interventions. The interest in nationalist insurrection and post-conflict reconstruction, especially in terms of how we understand the nation-state in a period of intense globalisation, interconnects with past research on social movements and resistance politics. In recent years this research has moved from an interest in nationally focused campaigns (especially Australian-based) to consider formations of global resistance, including anti-corporate politics and the development of the World Social Forum.

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