Dr Debbi Long

Debbi is a health anthropologist with research experience in a broad range of clinical, organisational, community and development health settings.

Debbi trained as a social and cultural anthropologist in The Netherlands, where she gained her undergraduate and Master’s degree before returning to Australia to do her PhD in medical anthropology. She is an experienced health ethnographer, having undertaken fieldwork in Turkey, Swaziland/eSwatini and in a variety of contexts in Australian public hospitals, including maternity, spinal, intensive care and dialysis units. She is recognised as a pioneer of hospital ethnography in Australia, and as an expert in the field internationally. Debbi has worked as a consultant in clinical organisation and management on projects including quality improvement, patient safety, behaviour change, and in industrial relations contexts. Recent research has included global health NGO work, family violence education and compensation industry analysis. She has lectured at undergraduate and postgraduate level in anthropology departments; in medical, nursing and allied health programs; and in Indigenous foundation and support programs. She is an experienced postgraduate research supervisor, and recipient of a number of tertiary sector awards, including the prestigious Monash University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Diversity and Inclusion. She is passionate about health equity, takes a global approach to health knowledge, and loves the challenge of complex organisational systems research and analysis.

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Global Health; Health Systems Analysis; Health Cultures; Multidisciplinary Clinical Teamwork; Clinical Governance; Hospital Systems; Biomedical Cultures; Health Education