Dr Emma Dalton

Dr Emma Dalton is a lecturer in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies

Emma does research on women’s relationships with the state in Japan and focuses mainly on analyzing the problem of the political under-representation of women. Despite Japan’s longstanding important role in the international community, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region, and despite its advanced status in many areas, including technological innovation, public health, education and human rights, the country fares very poorly when it comes to gender equality. She is interested in illuminating the myriad and intersecting ways that state stakeholders, such as political institutions and the Japan Self-Defense Forces, shape, sustain and draw from competing discourses of gender, often to the detriment of women.

Emma supervises postgraduate students from a wide range of fields, including those working on the representation of prostituted women in Thai literature; translation of Japanese policy documents; and issues surrounding feminism, politics and the sex trade in Australia. She is the secretary of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia, and member of the International Political Science Association and Asian Studies Association of Australia.

Emma has lived and worked in many different regions of Japan for a total of 7 years and continues to visit frequently for fieldwork and to maintain the language. She has taught Japanese at Australian universities since 2007.

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Women in politics, sexual harassment, Japanese politics, Japanese society and culture

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