Dr Gemma Hamilton

Dr. Gemma Hamilton is a post-doctorate research officer within the Gendered Violence and Abuse Research Alliance (GeVARA).

Dr Gemma Hamilton’s research focuses on violence against women and children, with expertise in family violence, sexual assault, and forensic interviewing. She is also a sessional lecturer in Justice and Legal Studies, where she has coordinated subjects such as Introduction to Criminal Psychology (Course code: JUST2323) and Forensic Interviewing (Course code: JUST117).

Dr Hamilton is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research. In October 2016, she won a prize for her research on interviewing Aboriginal children about child sexual abuse: the CHASS Australia Prize for Distinctive Work in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. She has worked as a researcher in universities and government organisations, where she has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in high-impact academic journals, as well as research reports for stakeholders such as the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Northern Territory Police, Victoria Police, and Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria.

Gemma is the Research Officer for the Gendered Violence and Abuse Research Alliance GeVARA.

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Gendered violence, forensic interviewing, sexual assault.

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