Dr Juliana Ryan

Juliana Ryan is a Lecturer in Criminology and Justice.

Juliana came to higher education teaching and research via a deliberately varied career that included roles in community legal centres, legal and human rights education, and equity program management. Spanning access and equity in higher education, inclusive curriculum and pedagogy, professional learning and communities of practice, Juliana’s research focuses on the ways that policy and other discourses shape what it is possible to imagine, be, do and become in educational settings.

Juliana teaches in undergraduate programs in Criminology and Justice Studies. Her recent research projects include a cross institutional study of the impacts of widening participation and student diversity on the roles and identities of teaching academics at 19 Australian universities and research into the impact of equity scholarships on student retention and success at 3 Australian universities.

Expert commentary on...

Higher Education, Widening participation and student diversity, Academic identities and academic work practices, Inclusive curriculum and pedagogy, Discourse analysis, Discursive psychology, Narrative research methodologies, Communities of practice.

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