Dr Juliet Watson is the Deputy Director of the Unison Housing Research Lab and the Unison Lecturer in Urban Housing and Homelessness.

Juliet is also the secretary of the Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association (AWGSA) and a member of the Gendered Violence and Abuse Alliance (GeVARA). A qualified social worker, Juliet has extensive research, teaching, and practice experience in the areas of homelessness, violence against women, and youth. She completed her doctorate at the Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne, and her thesis won the biennial AWGSA PhD Award in 2016. This research formed the basis for her book, ‘Youth Homelessness and Survival Sex: Intimate Relationships and Gendered Subjectivities’, published by Routledge in 2018. Juliet is the recipient of The Australian Sociological Association Award for the Most Distinguished Peer-Reviewed Article Published by an Early Career Researcher (2017), and the RMIT GUSS Research Excellence Award (2017). Juliet’s research centres on socio-cultural contexts of homelessness, housing, gendered violence, and poverty. Through her work with the Unison Housing Research Lab, Juliet is interested in advancing sociological knowledge of homelessness through empirical research that employs critical theories and methodologies to explore alternative experiences of homelessness that are commonly hidden from view.

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Homelessness, Violence against women, Social exclusion, Social capital, Feminist theory and activism, Intersectionality, Embodiment, Young people

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