Dr Marg Liddell

Dr Marg Liddell has over twenty five years research and evaluation experience in qualitative and quantitative research.

Marg Liddell’s current research areas include: child protection; issues facing young people in the juvenile justice system; as well as women and justice. She has significant knowledge and research experience of ‘hard-to-reach’ and vulnerable groups, such as Pacific African young people struggling to transition into Australian culture due to isolation, marginalisation, lack of access to appropriate services and in some cases being victims of racially discrimination. Recent qualitative research  with vulnerable women (with Professor S. Caroline Taylor) titled “Women’s experiences of learning about the involvement of a partner possessing child abuse material in Australia” was completed in 2015. This is ground breaking pilot research not having been undertaken in Australia or as far as can be determined internationally. Other research with vulnerable groups includes and unfunded evaluation of the Walking alongside program for people (specifically African young people) who have migrated to Australia and have experienced discrimination and systemic abuse.

Expert commentary on...

Child Protection, Youth Justice, Crime Prevention, Minority groups and their contact with the criminal justice system (ie Pacific Islanders, Sudanese, Women etc), Theoretical explanations of women's offending patterns, Migration and trafficking of women and girls.

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