Dr Rajesh Sharma

Dr. Rajesh Sharma is passionate about exploring ways to use alternative dispute resolution to resolve disputes.

Dr. Sharma has researched extensively on the arbitration laws of China and India and other Asian countries, Investment Arbitration, Dispute Settlement in FTAs, WTO related issues, investment law and mediation. He has publications in the areas of WTO law, international trade, arbitration and dispute resolution, commercial law, and banking law. Recently he has published a book with Wolters Kluwer titled Dispute Settlement Mechanism in the FTAs of Asia. Dr. Sharma has also conducted research and provided expert comments to UNCITRAL on mediation and conciliation. These works include conducting “An Evaluation of Mediation Law in Asia”, provided expert comments on “Draft Instrument on Enforcement of Settlement Agreement Across-boarder” and reported on “Possible Amendments in UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliations”.

Dr. Sharma is the Associate Director of the Hong Kong WTO Research Institute, a member of Asian WTO Research Network; a panel arbitrator of Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), a panel arbitrator at Indian Institutes of Arbitrators, a member and secretary of Hong Kong Basic Law Education Association, a member of the Centre for Global Studies and a Researcher at China-Latin America Legal Research Centre, Shanghai. Dr. Sharma is a Research Fellow of the International Academy of Belt and Road, a member of the Drafting Committee of the Dispute Resolution Rules for the Belt and Road, a member of the Working Group for the establishment of Asian Regional Mediation Organization (ARMO) and a member of the Drafting Committee for the Rules of Mediation for ARMO. He is a core member (representing Australia) on the Committee for the Establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Dispute Resolution for Indian Ocean Regional Association. Dr. Sharma has been appointed as the International Expert Mediator at the Hong Kong-Mainland Joint Mediation Centre. Dr. Sharma is an elected Associate Member of Academy of Comparative Law.

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dispute resolution, international trade, foreign investment law and policy, India and China.

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