Dr Suzi Hutchings

Dr Suzi Hutchings is a Social Anthropologist.

Dr Suzi Hutchings is of Central Arrernte descent. She was awarded her doctorate from the University of Adelaide in 1995. She currently co-ordinates and teaches in Indigenous Policy. Suzi’s career has been dedicated to working with Indigenous peoples and their communities throughout Australia. She has consulted on the impacts of criminal justice and welfare intervention on Aboriginal youth and families. Suzi was engaged as the Expert Anthropologist for the Esperance Nyungar Native Title claim (WAD6097/1998) by the Goldfields Land & Sea Council in Western Australia. This claim was successfully determined in the Federal Court of Australia in 2014.

Her work and research area has necessitated that she can translate her research, knowledge and understanding of the needs of Indigenous people, their families, communities and cultures to professionals, academics, legal experts and community representatives. As a result, Suzi is recognised for her original intellectual contribution in anthropology and Indigenous knowledges forums.

Expert commentary on...

Indigenous Australia; Native Title; Indigenous youth and social justice; Indigenous youth and music; De-colonisation.

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