Kaye Stevens

Kaye Stevens is a Research Fellow with expertise in evaluation and co-design

Kaye’s current research focus is a realist participatory action research project involving several RMIT researchers and government departments.

Kaye has a human services practice background that includes direct service work, networking, research and policy development in the homelessness sector and service coordination in health and community services. Kaye has a particular interest in generating and using practice based evidence.

Kaye’s previous evaluation work includes helping to establish the BetterEvaluation website, the evaluation of Alzheimer’s Australia services to improve access for diverse groups, the evaluation of the Sustainable Farming Families program , the evaluation of community safety programs with the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, a review of community education for natural disasters, the evaluation of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy, and developing an evaluation framework for the mid-term review of the National Indigenous Housing Strategy.

Expert commentary on...

Policy, evaluation, co-design and methodology.

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