Lena's research "Re:Interpreting The Line" focuses on how young people engage with the primary prevention of violence against women by using social technologies

While much is known about the use of social media and technology as tools for harassment and abuse in relationships, we have limited knowledge about how these tools can be used to promote healthy relationships and contribute to violence prevention. Lena’s doctoral research explores the nature of young people’s engagement with anti-violence material using communication technology and social media.

Lena’s research aims to highlight how young people construct their own understandings and engagement with primary prevention resources. Her research utilises a digital ethnography into a nationally funded social marketing campaign, and visual participatory methods to emphasise young people’s own language in other environments.

Lena is a PhD Candidate, research officer, tutor and childcare worker. She has previously collaborated in research on neighbourhood behaviour, emotions in the workplace, and neighbouring attitudes in Brisbane. Lena is committed towards feminist advocacy and resource distribution.

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gender, social change, gender based violence, violence prevention, critical theory, visual participatory methods, social technology, critical youth studies