Dr Martha Lucia Florez

Martha is an experienced and award winning language teacher whose research focus is technology enhanced language learning.

Martha’s research interests in multimedia and technology-enhanced language learning and Interculturalidad (indigenous approach) are linked to her own language pedagogy practices, focusing on students’ critical thinking from a decolonisation perspective. Her pedagogical development is demonstrated through the extensive courses that she has completed alongside her teaching experience, the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Diploma of Teaching, Artistic creativity in teaching-learning process course, Educational problems in teaching-learning process course, and Personalized Educational Techniques course.

She was awarded the prestigious national Australian Award for University Teaching, for programs that enhance learning by OLT (Office for Learning and Teaching) in 2012 as a team member of the Spanish Program at The Australian National University.  She was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor Award for Community Outreach by The Australian National University in 2009, as well as, the recipient of the LOTE Award as Teacher of the year VCE in 2000. Also, she received a Certificate of Recognition for her dedication to the teaching and promotion of the Spanish language by the Embassy of Spain in 2005.

Martha is the author of Ver para entender on understanding colloquial expressions of Spanish varieties from a socio-cultural context through films and the use of the internet.  She developed a new model AVESPE (Adquisición de las Variedades del ESpañol a través de PElículas), Acquisition of Spanish varieties through films.

Martha holds a PhD in Education (Applied linguistics) and a MA from La Trobe University, a Graduate Certificate for Higher Education from The Australian National University and a BESc from Colombia.

Expert commentary on...

interculturalidad and indigenous language policies, contemporary Latin American literature and films, critical discourse analysis, multimedia in foreign language teaching.