Michael Emslie

Michael’s extensive education, work experience and research demonstrates a long held passion and deep commitment to explore, pursue and promote good practice in human service and in particular youth work. Michael currently works in academia, in a career that spans more than ten years during which time Michael has made a significant and positive impact that includes writing over thirty peer reviewed publications, receiving four teaching awards, and demonstrating excellence in supporting students’ educational engagement and attainment particularly through facilitating valuable learning experiences connected to industry and practice. Prior to taking on full-time work in the university Michael had wide-ranging ‘hands-on’ experience in the youth, disability and community work sectors for over fifteen years in a variety of roles including housing and crisis work, case work and counselling, and youth and family support, and Michael draws on this rich and diverse ‘real-world’ knowledge to enrich his teaching and research. Michael also thrives on engaging in creative and diverse intellectual pursuits directly relevant to practice which is demonstrated by Michael’s continued involvement in some type of formal education throughout his work life, and currently Michael is completing a PhD for which he has produced eleven peer reviewed publications during his candidature.

Expert commentary on...

good practice in youth work