Sarah McCook

Sarah's research investigates how masculinities are (re)created within male peer groups in Australia, and how these norms are responding to broader social change.

Sarah’s research aims to contribute to the growing body of international evidence on the relationship between masculinities, social norms and gender-based violence. Sarah’s research is aimed at identifying violence-supportive norms around masculinities among young men in Australia, including how these norms are established and maintained within male peer groups, and whether and how these norms are shifting in the context of broader change and discourses on gender (in)equality and male abuse of power. Through this research, Sarah hopes to identify crucial entry points for violence prevention initiatives to promote non-violent attitudes, norms and behaviours. Importantly, the research will also examine whether and how these factors are influenced by global social trends towards greater awareness of and attention to violence against women. These trends represent an emerging opportunity to harness global movements for a greater positive impact at the local and national levels.

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gender, gender-based violence, gender equality, violence prevention, social change, social justice.