Seregious Be-ere

Seregious' research examines how pro-poor Ghana's decentralisation has been, and argues that decentralised governance should advance a pro-poor development agenda.

Seregious Be-ere is a doctoral candidate in International Development, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University. His research explores a contemporary and dominant international development issue that focuses on decentralisation and pro-poor development in Ghana.

His research assesses the extent to which Ghana’s decentralisation, that was initiated three decades ago, has contributed to development that advances the cause of the poor. Seregious’ research is underpinned by the fact that Ghana’s decentralisation is aimed at promoting subnational development. He argues that Ghana’s decentralisation could yield pro-poor outcomes if the decentralisation programme was specifically designed and implemented with pro-poor development in focus. His research problematises poverty in Ghana and suggests that decentralisation, which is envisaged to bring governance and power closer to the poor, could play a major role in addressing poverty if the programme was well designed and implemented. Decentralisation, he contends, could advance pro-poor development through policies and programmes that improve the capabilities of the poor; and by directly targeting the poor in all subnational development interventions. In this regard, decentralisation would not merely be another governance reform but a critical tool for championing pro-poor development.

Seregious has previously worked in the Communications Department of the London International Development Centre, UK. In Ghana, he was a consultant in the Accra-based Shawbell Consulting Limited; while there, he worked on diverse Government of Ghana and donor-led consultancy projects.  He also served as a research assistant in the Institute of Local Government Studies. Seregious holds an MSc. in Development Studies from SOAS, University of London under the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme; and a BSc. in Development Planning from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in Ghana.

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human centred development, poverty reduction, decentralisation reforms, governance of development, public policy