Shaez Mortimer

Shaez researches gender, sexuality and sexual violence, with a focus on LGBTIQ victim/survivors' experiences.

Shaez’s PhD research focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and/or queer (“LGBTIQ”) people’s lived experiences of sexual violence. This is an area that is significantly under-researched. Shaez’s PhD involves in-depth qualitative interviews with staff from relevant stakeholder organisations and LGBTIQ people who have lived experience of sexual violence. This work is conducted with a feminist and queer ethic of care and is grounded in community consultation. Shaez hopes explore the ways LGBTIQ victim/survivors seek support for their experiences: both through formal support services and informally through family/friend/community networks. Shaez aims for this research to be a resource for LGBTIQ communities and services which may work with LGBTIQ victim/survivors of sexual violence. By centring the voices of LGBTIQ victim/survivors, this research also aims to contribute to a future research agenda which reconceptualises gendered and sexual violence beyond hetero and cisgender norms.

Shaez Mortimer is a PhD Candidate, tutor and research assistant at RMIT University, Melbourne. She is passionate about interdisciplinary, intersectional and applied research with victim/survivors of violence and the people and communities who support them.

Shaez has worked in youth work, social work and community development roles.