Susan McCallum

Susan is a Lecturer, Tutor and Social Work Placement Supervisor for the Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) and Master of Social Work.

In 2018, Susan commenced a PhD at the Unison Housing Research Lab at RMIT. The Unison Housing Research Lab is a unique education and research collaboration between RMIT University and Unison Housing, Victoria’s largest social housing provider. The Lab was established in 2017 and is funded for five years to undertake an innovative research and education program informed by the experiences of service users and providers.

Her research examines how chronically disadvantaged and homeless individuals and families make the transition into social housing, and what factors impact on ‘settling in and making a home’.

Susan is also a Research Assistant within the Social and Global Studies Centre.

Prior to beginning her career with RMIT in 2016, she worked for 15 years as a social worker in community development; youth homelessness; crisis accommodation for women and children; out-of-home care for children with disabilities; and, social work ethics and social policy research and analysis.