This action research project focused on an intercultural exchange that would provide opportunities for mutual learning between Australians and Brazilians.

  • Project dates: 2014

The project focused on the use of sport as a vehicle for reconciliation and social inclusion. This was part of a successful series of ‘Reconciliation Journeys’, including local-local conversations about how everyday practices can become vehicles for reconciliation and social change. The journeys have been run in partnership by RMIT University, Global Reconciliation and Bluestone Edge, which has played a central role in the sport-focused journeys.

The Australia-Brazil exchange has a research dimension focused on documenting and evaluating the model of exchange, with a view to developing a transferable model of local-local engagement.

Key People


Dr Elizabeth Kath

Dr Elizabeth Kath

Senior Lecturer

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‘Changing the score’: an Australia-Brazil reconciliation exchange

Pippa Grange (Bluestone Edge)


    • Richmond Football Club
    • Korin Gamadji Institute
    • The Brazilian Institute for Innovations in Social Health (IBISS)

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