The Methods Lab aims to develop, test and institutionalise flexible, affordable approaches to impact evaluation (IE).

  • Project dates: 2014
  • Grants and funding: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

It is focusing on a small number of cases which are more difficult to evaluate due to the complexity of their context or diversity of intervention variables. The Methods Lab approach combines a hands on ‘learning-by-doing’ style with commissioning and implementing agencies, mixed methods for collection and analysis, providing guidance to ensure rigorous thought, sharing experiences via an international platform (Better Evaluation) and institutionalising processes and best practices. The case focus and Methods Lab approach, while focusing on DFAT and its programmes, will ensure that results will have wide applicability.

Results will include examples of M&E designs and impact evaluation studies, as well as a wide range of guidance notes. These guidance notes are being produced to ensure consistent, high quality choices underpin all the cases. Guidance notes are being produced on, for example, evaluability assessment for impact evaluation, gender and impact evaluation, and realist evaluation for impact evaluation.

Key People


Professor Patricia Rogers

Professor Patricia Rogers


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Project Deputy Director

  • Greet Peersman

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